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UTS opening : 2 brand new gas stations in Coléah and Boké-City

UTS keeps on growing and growing. With the support and know how of the parent company UMS, UTS brings fresh air to the company, while remaining within the spectrum of activites. We are proud to announce the opening of two new gas stations to serve the country’s needs.

Both stations are open to the public, which brings to 4 the total number of operational UTS gas stations in Guinea.  (For more info on our subsidiary UTS, please visit this link). They offer many services of which :

–Pumps (for each station):

  • Two double pumps diesel and fuel
  • On diesel pump for large vehicles

–Coléah tanks capacity :

  • 50,000L Diesel
  • 50,000L Gasoline

–Boké-City tanks capacity :

  • 50,000L Diesel
  • 50,000L Gasoline



20161215_065224 20161215_074206 20161215_072307

Coléah :

IMG_1770 IMG_1769 IMG_1653 IMG_1634

See you there !