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UMS & TMH make a material donation to the CT-EPi of the Boké regional hospital

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Since the start of the pandemic, United Mining Supply (UMS) has carefully monitored the evolution of the health situation linked to Covid-19.

Already anxious to guarantee the health safety of its own employees and collaborators, the company is committing this time with its long-time partner TMH to the Epidemiological Center of the Regional Hospital of Boké by donating masks, sheets , hygiene products and other essential materials in the fight against the virus and its variants.

To date, the number of deaths continues to increase in the CT-EPi of the country. This is why UMS & TMH attach major importance to supporting Guinean establishments and medical staff and to participating in building the capacity of public health in Guinea through material and logistical support.

Previously committed against the spread of the Ebola virus, in particular through the delivery of vaccines from Dakar to Conakry then Nzérékoré, the company once again affirms its position as a benchmark Guinean company and confirms its role as a major player in the health response of the countries facing this Covid-19 pandemic.