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UMS through the Wazni Foundation continues its plan to renovate primary schools in Boké with the school in Baralande

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BOKE-Located in the urban municipality of Boké, the Baralandé primary school has been completely renovated and equipped by the company UMS (United Mining Supply) through the Wazni Foundation. The official handover ceremony took place on Thursday, May 20, 2021, in the presence of the interim prefectural director of education, several UMS officials and local elected officials.

This gesture of the UMS Company started from an observation. In the urban commune of Boké, most of the school infrastructure is in a very advanced state of degradation. Faced with this situation, the General Management of UMS has, as usual, sought to come to the aid of the population. Fadi Wazni, through his eponymous Foundation, has undertaken a vast operation to renovate and equip all the schools in the urban municipality of Boké. Eleven elementary schools will be affected by this project. After the primary schools of Koffia and General Lansana Conté, completely renovated and equipped, it is that of Baralandé which was inaugurated this Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Built in 1998, the Baralandé primary school accommodates 150 students including 76 girls divided into 6 teaching groups. With a total cost of Gnf 178 million, the works consisted of the renovation of 3 classrooms, a latrine with 5 cabins and the construction of a borehole. In his speech for the occasion, the representative of the CEO of the company UMS, Fadi Wazni first described in what conditions this school was before its renovation.

“The ceilings were on the floor, the benches were degraded, the wall was perforated here and there, the toilets were abandoned,” he explained. And to continue, indicating that today, these schoolchildren now have an appropriate place for their learning.

“Today is the place to say that the SMB-UMS consortium has come to help the poor and the children who constitute the future of tomorrow. We are at the disposal of the community for the supervision of children, to facilitate the transmission of knowledge to children, “said Youssouf Coumbassa, representative of the CEO (Chairman and CEO) of the company UMS, Fadi Wazni.

Presiding over the ceremony, Boké’s interim prefectural director of education promised to oversee the upkeep of the building. He also took this opportunity to thank UMS for this gesture which will improve the learning conditions of children in this locality.

“I am very happy to come and inaugurate this school. We promise to maintain this building. Regular monitoring will be established in order to always keep the establishment clean. With the effort of this company, we promise that we will keep this establishment in very good condition. In any case, the interview will not be lacking. When you have something that you have acquired with difficulty, you have to maintain it so that it can be used for a long time, ”Dembo Amirou Dramé promised.

For her part, the principal of Baralandé primary school, Mariama Ciré Sow, welcomed this action by UMS. She also took the opportunity to plead with the generous donor, the construction of the fence, the housing of the workers and the strengthening of their capacity.

“We teachers of Boké in general, concerned about our future, would like to have training from the Wazni Foundation in order to improve our skills in our classroom practices. Help us see a worthy continuing education center in Boké to help the thousands of teachers who work in this prefecture, ”she asked.