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UMS is renovating the second primary school in Boké

This article is taken from the online press

The modernization of the Lansana Conté General Primary School will require the construction of new infrastructure, the restoration of classrooms, latrines and dedicated administration rooms, all at a total cost of GNF 250 million. And the decision to renew the interest of the Wazni Foundation and UMS in the education of young people and boys throughout the Boké region. “It is with this in mind that we are constantly building and renovating school infrastructure in our prefecture as needed,” said Almamy Youssouf Coumbassa, representative of Fadi Wazni, CEO of UMS, at the handover ceremony.

While it is the duty of all those who have the opportunity to help the development of the country, it is nevertheless up to the beneficiaries to make good use of the infrastructure made available to them. This is the advice that Almamy Youssouf Coumbassa gives to beneficiaries. According to him, this is what can encourage the consortium to do more renovations or constructions. “As it says, to open a school is to close a prison. In other words, if we renovate a school or build a school, it is thousands of children that we seek to train for their future of tomorrow “, he adds to underline the relevance of UMS’s gesture.

It must be said that the renovated General Lansana Conté primary school accommodates 16 teachers including 13 women and 723 students including 380 girls. Primary school principal Bangaly Keita, on behalf of the teaching staff and all the students, thanked the authorities whose involvement and advocacy made this renovation possible. He was also full of praise for UMS. Taking the opportunity, he pleaded for the construction of the fence and the principal’s accommodation.

But it is above all the Prefectural Director of Education of Boké who highlights the changes brought about by the renovation of the primary school. Indeed, before this salutary act, there was a double shift, due to the relative deficit of classrooms and furniture in particular. All this had for consequences, the limitation of the reception capacity of the school and the decline in the quality of teaching / learning with the plethora of enrollments. “When we saw this General Lansana Conté school in 2020 and see it today, we can only be delighted. This is the result of the good collaboration that exists between these companies and the state. We thank them very sincerely and we tell them that all that is lacking in education in Boké whether they are teachers or students, they will find that these renovated schools can receive children from that date without regret ”, assures for his part, Dembo Amirou Dramé, DPE of Boké. Which therefore invites parents to send children to school.

By presiding over the ceremony on behalf of the prefect, the general secretary in charge of the communities of Boké, Jean Béavogui, also thanked the donor company for the infrastructures carried out for the well-being of the community: “the work that the company comes from to achieve has no comparison. Taking that job back and putting it in this state means that they are still giving great relief to our education system. Who says school infrastructure speaks of the future of our children, “he notes in this regard.

Balla Yombouno, special correspondent