Les dernières infos de UMS

UMS awarded “Best Carrier” by TOTAL !

“Quality first” is not a self-proclaimed motto. Indeed, it is the result of hard word and ultimate devotion of each and every link of a chain ; each link being vital for the good functioning of the chain. And these efforts have been rewarded yet again with the prices of “Best Carrier” and “Best Driver” awarded by TOTAL.

Thus, it is with great proud and a feeling of fulfillement that we accepted the award of “Best Carrier” from TOTAL, a long-established partner. It comes as a gratifying result of hard work and constant reassessement of our company, and confirms our will to keep on more thouroughly with the Quality/Safety/Environment approach. Ideed, this award is based on Quality requirements but also Safety standards as may be seen in the guineenews. Our actions will keep on going in the direction of excellency, in the hope to keep on achieving goals as important as that one.

Our congratulations still go to one person in particular : Alseny Soumah, awarded Best Driver for TOTAL. As may be seen in the Africaguinee article, this title is awarded according to eco-driving, trusthworthiness, and road-safety standards. As these values are particularly important to our company, and a main part of our drivers’ training, SOUMAH’s award comes as a reward to our particularly thourough training.


Finally, our thanks to TOTAL for honoring us with these awards !