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UMS and the Wazni Foundation organize the ceremony of Dibia Laic, the fourth primary school of the renovation plan started in Boké

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Since December 2020, United Mining Supply (UMS), through the Wazni Foundation, has undertaken a plan to renovate eleven primary schools in the administrative region of Boké. This large-scale project plans, in the long term, to enable nearly 6,975 pupils in the various primary schools to benefit from better learning conditions.

After the renovation of the Koffia school, the Lansana Conté school in N’Dantary, and the Baralandé school, the Wazni Foundation has just started renovating the Dibia Laic school, located in the Boké region. This school has 333 students supervised by 6 teachers.

The rehabilitation of Koffia primary school had enabled 584 pupils, including 296 girls, to study in suitable facilities. Likewise, the financing of the renovation of the General Lansana Conte elementary school, in which 16 teachers. pass on their knowledge, had a positive impact on the schooling of 727 pupils, including 390 girls. As for the Baralandé school, 150 students, including 76 girls, have benefited from the renovation. Children in the communities of these four schools now benefit from a better quality of education and will participate in the development of the region.

“Through this plan to renovate primary schools in the region, the Wazni Foundation aims to allow students to develop in an environment favorable to their educational development and to guarantee all teaching staff the best conditions for work ”, explains Fadi Wazni, CEO of UMS.

The renovation plan includes work on the roofs and ceilings, refreshing the paintings, the construction and rehabilitation of the latrines, the arrangement of some closures, the renovation and the manufacture of tables-benches.