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U18 African Basketball Nations Cup: Guinean Federation receives financial support from UMS

On the occasion of the U18 African Cup of Nations Basketball, United Mining Supply (UMS) was able to support the Guinean team in preparing for the international competition with funding to the tune of GNF 50 million.

Indeed, basketball players Guineans were able to take part in the Africa Cup of Nations which is currently taking place in Cairo (Egypt) from December 1 to 10, 2020.

The donation to the Guinean Basketball Federation responds to a funding need accentuated by the health context, the major event of which allowed the team to benefit from national and international exposure, with economic, social and media benefits. Although Guinea’s race came to a halt on Sunday (December 6th), the team can be proud of their run in the tournament they haven’t played since 2006 – despite their 1-2 record against Senegal.

“The energy and perseverance deployed against both 5-time-titled Egypt and defending champions Mali can only be admired, and it promises future success. “Said Fadi Wazni, President and CEO of UMS.

UMS regularly finances sports projects as part of the promotion of values ​​such as dynamism, social cohesion, leadership and excellence. Until now focused on football, the company broadens its spectrum of donations with the entry of basketball. “We wish to provide continuous support to Guinean youth by allowing the deployment of their capacities and by helping basketball to overcome the delicate period that sport is going through in the country“ argued Mr. Wazni.