Les dernières infos de UMS

Training : graduation ceremony with ONFPP

At UMS, we are proud of the first results of ourcollaboration with ONFPP (Guinean Training Organization) regarding our employees’ training. Therefore, we wish to train more and more employees accordingly to their field of work. Indeed, this falls directly in the line of our quality standards, which we intend to keep evolving and progressing.

On saturday october 15th, in our training room at the garage in Coléah, about 40 employees were awarded with and “Excel” or “Management” diploma, and even both for some. Excellency can only be reached through teaching our teams new theoretical and practical techniques and learnings. Though all our employees are internally trained by their more experienced colleagues, we are more than happy to count the ONFPP in our partners for they allow us to acquire learnings from external sources, which gives us another take on things. Through our 1.5% salary contribution, this initiative is as natural as it is beneficial. That is why Lucien Guilao promises to suggest more and more training progams for our employees to Caroline Biancardini, Administrative Officer at UMS.

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