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The Wazni Foundation supports a reforestation project led by the association “Dinguiraye Réflexion et Action”

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The Wazni Foundation announces the signing of a partnership with the NGO “Dinguiraye Réflexion et Action” for a reforestation and awareness-raising project for local populations in the prefecture of Dinguiraye.

In the region, bush fires, excessive logging and artisanal mining with the use of toxic chemicals have negatively impacted the environment. This is why the Wazni Foundation will provide financial support, to the tune of 30 million Guinean francs, to the NGO “Dinguiraye Réflexion et Action” to achieve both reforestation on the headlands, the banks as well as the primary and community forests on an area of ​​nearly 20 hectares and carry out awareness-raising actions for the populations to stop bush fires and fight against excessive logging. With the creation of local environmental protection committees, the NGO intends to involve local communities as much as possible to ensure the success of the project.

For Oumar M’Böh, administrative secretary of the association: “I would like to thank the Wazni Foundation for its important support for our reforestation project. It is by involving all stakeholders, public and private, in our initiatives that we will succeed in the long term “.

For Fadi Wazni, CEO of UMS: “Our experience in the mining area of ​​the importance of reforestation prompted us to get involved in this project in Dinguiraye. In addition, I share with the members of the association the importance given to consultation and coordination with local communities, without which no associative or entrepreneurial project can succeed “.