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The Wazni Foundation finances the extension of the Saint Gabriel de Matoto maternity clinic

In order to carry out the extension of the Saint-Gabriel de Matoto primary care center, the Wazni Foundation granted a donation of 30 million Guinean francs. Eventually, this dispensary-maternity will be refurbished and equipped with a new floor to gain surface area.

The Saint Gabriel denominational primary care center, located in the commune of Matoto, near Conakry, meets an important need for health structures in Guinea. As such, the Wazni Foundation has contributed financially to the expansion of its maternity ward, as well as to the reorganization of its premises through a greater reception capacity in the consultation room and the creation of a pharmacy room.

This support from the Wazni Foundation is an extension of previous actions aimed at improving reception, hygiene conditions and the quality of care provided to the most vulnerable populations. A donation of 40 million Guinean francs had been allocated to expand the courtyard of the care center.

It is thus a question of strengthening its policy of primary health care (accessibility, availability of essential services, provision of generic drugs and treatments), in a context of record crowds with a patient base of more than 600 people per day. at certain times. Maintaining social distancing is also crucial, as the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet been completely defeated in the country.
The Saint Gabriel dispensary in Matoto, a denominational primary care centre, was created in 1987 to provide relief to the most vulnerable populations in Guinea. It provides preventive care (vaccination, screening), curative care (primary consultations, follow-up program for cases of malnutrition, other care) and also has a maternity ward (prenatal consultations, monitoring of pregnancies, deliveries, prevention of transmission of HIV).

The tariffs are fixed and ensure the patient the consultation, the possible biological examinations and the follow-up of the treatment with generic drugs.

“The Wazni Foundation is resolutely committed to the well-being of populations, by promoting access to primary health care and by guaranteeing care for mothers and newborns. It is the responsibility of companies to support, provide appropriate infrastructure and meet the needs of the most vulnerable, while contributing to the socio-economic development of Guinea,” underlines Fadi Wazni.