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The Wazni Foundation and UMS mobilized for the reforestation campaign in Boké

As part of the 3rd annual reforestation campaign led by the NGO Community Initiatives for Peace & Development (CIPAD International), from July 23 to September 24, 2022 in Boké prefecture, the Wazni Foundation in sides of the United Mining Supply Company (UMS) are fully mobilized. This campaign is supported by a coalition of key stakeholders in Guinea: government departments, embassies, institutions, businesses, journalists, artists, political parties and CSOs.

The NGO Community Initiatives for Peace & Development (CIPAD International), active in environmental protection and the fight against global warming, organizes an annual reforestation campaign in the mining areas of Boké prefecture. The Wazni Foundation and the UMS company support this new edition through a donation of 30 million Guinean francs.

The objective of this major campaign is to succeed in planting 3 million trees. In this perspective, a large number of actors from institutions, the private sector and Guinean civil society have been mobilized: 27 ministerial departments, 10 embassies, 25 institutions, 45 companies, as well as political parties, journalists, as well as other NGOs and CSOs. Each stakeholder is required to reforest areas threatened by soil degradation and erosion in order to stem the effects of global warming.

Héloïse Marchyllie, spokesperson for the Wazni Foundation and UMS, sent a message to Guinean men and women to invite them to carry out actions in favor of the environment: "It is essential to make the preservation of environment a priority. You are aware that the environmental issue is everyone's business. This is really the reason why we want to contribute, but also with financial and material assistance to this action to equip them well. The message to Guineans is to really work together, to walk together for these reforestation actions in favor of the environment, because it is an essential question to be encouraged. »
“Alongside the stakeholders of this 3rd edition of the Boké reforestation campaign, we are ensuring that this action can lead everyone to become aware of the damage caused by global warming and to act to fight against soil erosion and the desertification. It is through this approach, as actors committed to the preservation of our nature and our biodiversity, the Wazni Foundation and UMS work for the sustainable development of Guinea” adds Fadi Wazni, CEO of UMS.

CIPAD International is an apolitical, non-profit organization made up of young Guinean eco-citizens. This reforestation campaign is an extension of its actions, which seek to promote peace, environmental protection and community development.