Les dernières infos de UMS

The transportation of two outstanding tanks for UTS and the SMB-WAP consortium

[header] Indeed, at the request of UTS and SMB-WAP, UMS has created those two unique tanks. They have just arrived in Katougouma after a short 24h trip by sea without any trouble.[/header]
Both tanks of at least 270.000 L each were entirely manufactured in our welding workshops. This way we insured the quality and longevity of the products. Two other tanks are under construction and we may be aiming for 6 tanks in fine.

Obviously, the most complicated part was transportation. Road transportation was impossible because of some bridges, therefore seafaring was our best option. Our QHSE team elaborated a very precise plan of action. In the end, a special convoy was mobilized two nights in a row, one for each tank. After which a special team was dedicated to he loading operations by crane.

24h later, both tanks arrived safely at the Boké-Katougouma port, ready to be awarded to the final recipients.


To be continued…