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SMB Winning Consortium – More than $ 3 billion paid for 3rd compensation

On November 26th, the SMB-Winning Consortium signed three agreements with the Guinean government, one of which concerns the construction of the road. This 135-kilometer long railway is a major infrastructure project for Guinea, which will link the Santou (Telimele) deposits to the Dapilon terminal. As part of its CSR and community rela...

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CSR – the mosque offered by UMS officially inaugurated in Kaboye

In response to the many demands of its workers, UMS has just offered a 200-seat mosque to its employees working on the site of Kaboye Konkokan district, sub-prefecture of Tanènè in the prefecture of Boke. This house of God was officially inaugurated on Friday, May 17, 2019 by the regional inspector of religious affairs, El Hadj Mohamed...

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