Les dernières infos de UMS


On July 20th, we celebrate the first anniversary of the exportation of the first bauxite ton ! A lot was achieved in that year, be it the consortium’s rise to higher-than-ever levels, or the evolution of the people’s life standards.

A brief History reminder

Derived from the alliance between Winning Shipping, UMS international, Shandong Weiqiao and the Guinean government, the group was created in 2014. The project was born that year in Katougouma, an unexplored zone, located less than 30km from the northern shore of Rio Nunez, which constitutes ideal evacuation solutions.
On January 19th 2015,  the SMB obtains a research permit allowing them to lead a 6-month environmental and social impact study. In June that same year, the company presents their feasibility surveyto the Guinean government. On July 7th, 2015, the SMB obtains an operation licence. July 20th will remain a milestone in Guinean mining History, since it is the date on which was celebrated the departure of the first Bauxite ton. SMB has a goal of 15 million tons for 2016.


The consortium will gather at the Hotel Grand Ami to celebrate this event with the presence of the concerned government parties.
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