Products / Services

Why choose us ?

We work hard to provide custome-made, high-end solutions, and the result is user-friendly, adaptable products to take a burden off your back. Indeed, we satisfy even the most complex demands thanks to our well trained crew. Here are the services we offer and our means to provide them :

Administrative issues

1. Administrative assistance services

2. Meet & Greet (ticketing, airport, hotels, car, personal housing),

Transportation and Logistics

3. Transit / custom clearance et diverse transportation

4. Transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous products, ore, outsized equipment, provisions, TC 20’ and 40’

5. Air freight

6. Handling and all kinds of lifting

7. Supply and delivery of oil products

8. Supply (provisions, PPE, pneumatics, …)


Civil Engineering

9. Construction of Mining, Industrial and Road Infrastructures

10. Construction of Gas stations

11. Road study and topography


Premises and Management

12. Warehouse storage

13. Office rental with all administrative services

a. Staffing

b. Training

c. Management

14. Driver and operator training

Means and Resources

Unique know-how and 15-year+ experience, a perfect knowledge of our surroundings, of our profession, make us the best advisor to anticipate events and move forward while avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Thoroughly selected partners ; strong partnerships are the key to success. They broaden the offer while securing it.

Certified Quality, maintaining a high quality level and always seeking improvement. 

A fleet of over 600 vehicles, constantly renewed, thoroughly and consistantly inspected, ranging from two-wheelers to road-train-trailers,  that respect strict norms and qualifications.

Over 40000m² of logistic bases, strategically deployed all over the Guinean territory, to ensure that the transportation always happens in the best conditions.

A team of over 4000 trained individuals and an HR policy aiming to involve it in our policy and interests, and a solid will to train our employees continuously so that the satifaction of our clients becomes elementary rather than mandatory.

An air fleet made up of two twin-turboprop Beechcraft King Air of regional span, for unparalleled emergency management, VIP transportation or other valuables.

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