Our Quality – Safety – Environment Policy

QSE, our main concern


Conscious of the importance of the satisfaction of our customers, the protection of our employees and the protection of the environment, the management, at its highest level, undertakes to implement a quality management system. , security and the environment, and to provide the resources necessary to:
• To comply with the regulatory requirements and the requirements of our customers
• To pursue a process of continuous improvement and cost reduction
• To prevent any accident, any non-quality and any pollution by the analysis and the prevention of the risks
• Listening to our staff, the community and privileging dialogue
• To sensitize, to train our personnel, collaborators with the risks and good practices in QSE

These commitments are driven by the following objectives:
• Involvement and empowerment of staff at all levels of the organization
• Measuring customer confidence and supplier compliance
• Provide the right level of responsiveness to customer requests
• Guarantee the quality of products and services
• Develop employee skills

In Security and Environment
• Towards the “Zero Accident”
• Zero fatality and permanent disability
• Prevent occupational diseases
• Reduce risks at workstations
• Prevent environmental impacts

I ask each UMS employee:
• To support our quality-safety-environment approach and to bring it with conviction to its own employees, especially new hires
• Communicate this policy to interested parties and enforce it
• Record and analyze deviations or deviations to better prevent the causes
• To publicize and help disseminate innovations and good practices in this area.

On a personal level, I pledge to animate our integrated management system and improve its efficiency continuously in order to contribute to the satisfaction of the interested parties.


Fadi Y. Wazni