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Oct. 4th 2016 : The SMB-WAP consoritum celebrates the exportation of the first ton of bauxite from their new Boké-Dapilon port extension

For a better handling of the activity increase, hence to increase their exportation flow, the consortium has started to build an extension to the Boké-Katougouma port in Dapilon in April 2016.
Indeed, since the beginning of the bauxite loading operations in the Boké-Katougouma river port in July 2015, 8 millions tons of ore have been exported to China. Moreover, to reach the target of 45000 tons per day et 35 million per year, this extension was absolutely necessary. With 3 loading docks, each equipped with a stationary Rotary crane, 5 months were necessary for its installment. Port operations are covered by 23 barges of 8000 tons capacity each. Then, a Capesize vessel of up to 210.000 tons capacity ship the bauxite to China. In addition, to supply this whole bauxite transportation network, a 35 km mine-port road was built to better accomodate the 120 trucks for the road transportation.
Up until this day, the total of all investments to erect the port and its extension is around USD 500.000.000.

This sums up the context for the whole Oct. 04th ceremony, which was held under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency Professor Alpha Condé, President of the Republic of Guinea. The consortium was also honored by the presence of the Ministry of Transportation,  French Embassy, the Chinese Embassy, the governors and prefects of the area, … After a traditional show and a succession of speeches, the main participants moved to the loading dock in order to cut the symbolic ribbon, after which a charger deposited the first stack of bauxite on the barge.

This project having created thousands of direct and indirect jobs for the country, and also the consortium having created many health and education accomodations for the people living in the area, the symbolic behind this event which involved the local people was very fitting.