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UMS through the Wazni Foundation continues its plan to renovate primary schools in Boké with the school in Baralande

This article is taken from media BOKE-Located in the urban municipality of Boké, the Baralandé primary school has been completely renovated and equipped by the company UMS (United Mining Supply) through the Wazni Foundation. The official handover ceremony took place on Thursday, May 20, 2021, in the presence of the interim prefectural director of […]

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The Wazni Foundation supports a reforestation project led by the association “Dinguiraye Réflexion et Action”

This article is taken from the media The Wazni Foundation announces the signing of a partnership with the NGO “Dinguiraye Réflexion et Action” for a reforestation and awareness-raising project for local populations in the prefecture of Dinguiraye. In the region, bush fires, excessive logging and artisanal mining with the use of toxic chemicals have […]

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UMS is renovating the second primary school in Boké

This article is taken from the online press The modernization of the Lansana Conté General Primary School will require the construction of new infrastructure, the restoration of classrooms, latrines and dedicated administration rooms, all at a total cost of GNF 250 million. And the decision to renew the interest of the Wazni Foundation and […]

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The Guinean group UMS acquires the French Alteo – Interview with Fadi Wazni

This interview is taken from the media La Tribune Afrique A major player in the Guinean mining sector for nineteen years and particularly active in the exploitation of bauxite, the United Mining Supply (UMS) group acquired the French Alteo, the world leader in specialty aluminas, in early January. For La Tribune Afrique, Fadi Wazni, founder […]

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Interview: Three questions for… Aziz Diallo: professional driver at UMS

Recently winner of the prize for the best driver in the Total fleet, Aziz Diallo answers our questions about his work at UMS. The article link : 1. What is your role as a professional driver within UMS ? I have been with UMS for 14 years and my role within the company […]

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Interview : Three questions to …Thierno Diallo, controller of management at UMS.

Today, UMS has more than 4,000 employees who are committed to their jobs and involved in the compagny’s aims. Thierno Diallo, controller of management, tells us about his role within the company. Interview.   What is your position as a management controller at UMS?   As a management controller, I have a strategic role in bringing together the company’s strategy and its […]

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