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Interview: Three questions for… Aziz Diallo: professional driver at UMS

Recently winner of the prize for the best driver in the Total fleet, Aziz Diallo answers our questions about his work at UMS. The article link : 1. What is your role as a professional driver within UMS ? I have been with UMS for 14 years and my role within the company […]

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Interview : Three questions to …Thierno Diallo, controller of management at UMS.

Today, UMS has more than 4,000 employees who are committed to their jobs and involved in the compagny’s aims. Thierno Diallo, controller of management, tells us about his role within the company. Interview.   What is your position as a management controller at UMS?   As a management controller, I have a strategic role in bringing together the company’s strategy and its […]

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UMS reacts to Covid-19

Since January, UMS management has been monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, around the world. As the virus begins to spread in many African countries, the management of UMS has been anticipating for several weeks the measures necessary to protect its employees and customers while maintaining activity. An internal communication campaign […]

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Interview – Learn more about Simandou’s blocks I and II project

This article, in French, is taken from Jeune Afrique and cannot be translated. Read the rest here :   « Au Simandou, le principal défi est logistique » Fadi Wazni, PCA de SMB – Winning Le patron du consortium détaille sa stratégie pour le démarrage de l’exploitation des blocs 1 et 2 obtenus le 13 novembre. […]

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