Les dernières infos de UMS

New head offices WAZNI Building, Tombo 1, Kaloum, Conakry

With the almost exponential growth of our activity as well as the consortium’s, it was predictable that we would be changing offices. And after almost two years of hard work, we got there ! This new 6-storey building is henceforth the head offices for the following entities :

  • UMS
  • SMB
  • UTS
  • Winning Guinea
  • The Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands Kingdom in Guinea

It is situated : WAZNI Building, BP: 2162 Tombo 1, Kaloum, Conakry, Republic of Guinea.

With the construction works entirely supervised by UMS, starting from scratch, this building offers all the necessary accomodations for our employees’ work, always in the aim of providing top notch quality services, and conforms to strict hygiene and security norms, while still abiding mining codes and regulations.

With around forty individual offices, 6 open spaces, 7 large meeting rooms, our new head office is now the office of over 80 employees from the consortium.

IMG_1395 IMG_1355 IMG_1311

These new offices are one more proof of our total and utter dedication to the Quality-Health-Security-Environment policy we are embracing and improving every day.

Yet again, UMS is all about quality !