Les dernières infos de UMS

Interview : Three questions to …Thierno Diallo, controller of management at UMS.

Today, UMS has more than 4,000 employees who are committed to their jobs and involved in the compagny’s aims. Thierno Diallo, controller of management, tells us about his role within the company.



What is your position as a management controller at UMS?


As a management controller, I have a strategic role in bringing together the company’s strategy and its execution at the operational level.  This means that me and my team are in charge of implementing tools to be able to analyze and manage the company’s performance, tools which will enable the general management to make timely decisions.

It is a cross-functional position that interacts with all departments of the company.


What are your ambitions for the future?


I joined UMS as a Chief Accountant before being promoted to the position of Senior Responsibility, Management Controller, thanks to UMS’s human resources policy to develop the skills of its employees. This allowed me to benefit from a training and achieve Master’s degree in Business and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2016 and, after that, a certification in Financial Modeling Valuation Analyst by the Corporate Finance Institute of Vancouver obtained in May 2020.

Today, I plan to obtain an even more prestigious certification such as: “Leadership – Management Certificate” from the University of Wharton in Pennsylvania to claim higher levels of responsibility . I do really aim at being able to gain knowledge so that I can participate in improving the performance of the company and of its employees.


Last but not least, why would you recommend UMS as a work environment?


I have been with UMS for 10 years, which is the proof that I appreciate this business environment. It is a company where professional skills are valued and where everyone can progress. First of all, I have had the opportunity to work with qualified and open minded people such as Mory Kaba, Djibril Coumbassa, M El Amar, and this, under the benevolent responsibility of M. Mohamed Bennani who, on a daily basis, continues to coach, mentor and challenge his team. Beyond this stimulating professional environment stands our CEO M. Fadi Wazni, whose managerial and leadership qualities are an example to all of us.

Finally, I would say that I am very proud to work for a reference company in Guinea such as UMS which is a national example in the logistics and mining sector.