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Interview: Three questions for… Aziz Diallo: professional driver at UMS

Recently winner of the prize for the best driver in the Total fleet, Aziz Diallo answers our questions about his work at UMS.

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1. What is your role as a professional driver within UMS ?

I have been with UMS for 14 years and my role within the company as a professional driver is to safely transport goods from point to point in accordance with internal rules. The duration of a transport can vary from a few hours to very long periods. I also carry out loading and unloading operations. But my job is not limited to driving alone, it is also my responsibility to supervise the loading and unloading of goods and watch over them during transport. Rigor, punctuality and resistance to pressure are essential qualities for success in my profession. Finally, as an experienced driver, it is also my duty to pass on my skills, my experience and my knowledge to young drivers, and to set a good example for the next generation of workers.

2.What are the benefits of working at UMS that you can’t find elsewhere ?

The working environment at UMS is healthy, the company puts people before goods. Driver training is fully paid for by the company, not to mention the care and treatment of employees who are ill. With UMS, I found a company that respects its employees and listens to our needs and requests. It is a pride to be part of the UMS family, a reference in Guinea and in the sub-region.

3. What advice would you give to young people who wish to specialize in the field in which you practice ?

I want to say that it is important to behave professionally in all circumstances. We also have a responsibility towards other road users. We must respect the highway code and not endanger others. Before specializing in this profession, you must like to drive, be of service and be aware of the crucial role of the driver. Without road transport, the economy would be weakened. Transport is part of the logistics chain and the production chain. I say a big “bravo” to young people who want to get into the business.