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SMB-WINNING Consortium : Guinea becomes the first world bauxite exporter

It has been a long time coming, Guinea, allegedly owner of over 2/3 of the world’s bauxite reserves, was paradoxically not one of the main international bauxite players. Since 2015, with the creation of SMB and the SMB-Winning Consortium, of which UMS is part, and its reaching 30 million tons of exported bauxite in late November this year, we are witnessing Guinea’s rise on top of the bauxite game in only two years’ time ! This achievement, made possible by the consortium and the Guinean Government, created an economic climate that is favorable for investment ; sure enough, many investors who were attracted by this success story have shown an interest in Guinea.


The Consortium itself intends to invest consequent amount of money to flourish the local economy in connex fields, all the while training and hiring local workforce.