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CSR – the mosque offered by UMS officially inaugurated in Kaboye

In response to the many demands of its workers, UMS has just offered a 200-seat mosque to its employees working on the site of Kaboye Konkokan district, sub-prefecture of Tanènè in the prefecture of Boke.

This house of God was officially inaugurated on Friday, May 17, 2019 by the regional inspector of religious affairs, El Hadj Mohamed Wakil Yattara, who led the first prayer there. It was in the presence of local authorities, local residents, officials and workers of the donor company. According to a sage, “this is the first mosque in the country since the founding of the village Kaboye …”

For the record, the fully electrified building also includes a water supply point, two (02) latrine cabins for men and women.

In the opinion of Deputy Director of Operations of the UMS, Thierno Tall, “this house of God will promote the culture of peace, understanding, social cohesion, harmony and the strengthening of a climate of good neighborhood between the riverside communities and the workers. ”

For his part, the secretary general of the UMS Union, Djibril Diassy, ​​hoped that the establishment of this house of worship will now relieve workers who, he argues, traveled miles to other mosques distant to discharge their religious obligations.

On the matter, the regional inspector of religious affairs, El Hadj Mohamed Wakil Yattara said: “It is an immense joy for the whole of the Muslim community present here and that of the whole world. This is the only place where Muslim worshipers can meet five times a day. It would strengthen their bonds, the peace, the social life on which community lives … “