Our certifications

Our main concerns : Quality, Hygiene, Health, Security, Environment

At UMS, we like to offer high-end, quality products. Not at the cost of security and environment though ! And to prove our trustworthiness in that regard, we are _among others_ certified ISO 9001:2015 related to our transport and logistics activities of equipment and miscellaneous goods for mining, industrial and oil companies, and are currently working on the obtention of other certifications by 2020.

Norms and Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 : Quality Management – Transportation and fuel operations

ICMI : International norms for cyanides carriage

Audit committee : Financial stability

HHSE : Hygiene, Health, Security, Environment

Regular audits are also held by our major clients

Legal and Regulatory Watch

In the process, due date by 2020

ISO 14001 : Environmental management

ISO 18001 : health and security at work management / professional hazards prevention