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Corporate life

While a company is made up of employees and careers, UMS is most importantly a team. Indeed, we make sure that each and every UMS member feels part of that team which is dedicated to move forward as a whole.


How do we achieve that ?

  1. By initiating a fluent empolyee-management communication : experience showed us that an open inter-hierarchic communication fosters more positive vibes
  2. By involving each and every employee in the company’s general strategy : labour therefore becomes a personal investment in addition to being a collective achievement
  3. By setting ambitious but realistic objectives : an impeccable knwoledge of the field results in an ability to motivate the crews while maintaining realistic goals
  4. By assessing the level of each and every employee, so as to make sure that they are improving their skills,  and therefore making sure they are actually building a career for themselves.


It would be fallacious to mention evaluation without talking about training. Following that logic, UMS created a department dedicated to staff training, which’s mission is to maintain or improve levels of expertise. This department plans and carries out trainings followed by on-the-spot (in the training room) and long-term (1 month after the training) assessment of assimilaton.
Indeed training is a major priority in our company’s HR policy. Our management is dedicated to offering the nop notch internal and external training to our employees, therefore perfectioning each employees know-how and increasing/enhancing the company’s skills as a whole.

Social and health department

Health and social works being vastly included in our HR policy, this department stays active for social and health issues. It follows employees’ medical records and assists them in their social activities.

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