Les dernières infos de UMS

A PADEV Prize awarded to our CEO, Fadi WAZNI

Established in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 2006, the African Award for Development (PADEV) awards each year to individuals and legal entities considered the best in their respective sectors of activity to establish a culture of work, merit and excellence as cardinal values ​​of African society. Launched by twelve (12) of the most credible civil society organizations including Foundation 225 (Burkina Faso) and Safam Com (RCI), PADEV wishes to highlight the quality and impact of these models in the development of our respective countries so that they are models for others …

The 225th Foundation, through this African Development Prize, awarded this Monday, May 7th, 2018 to Mr. Fadi Wazni, Director General of UMS, the “Diploma of Merit and Excellence” and recognized it as ” Best Operator of the Mining Sector “for the year 2017, a great honor of which we are extremely honored.