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Social Responsibility / Environment protection: “Clean Beach” Initiative

The mining consortium SMB-Wining launched this Saturday its “clean beach – clean city” (“Plage Propre – Ville Propre”) project in Conakry. This gesture of the consortium is part of its social responsibility. A way for the managers to contribute to the fight against environmental degradation. This operation mobilized more than sixty young people from the Tombo and Sans-Fil districts.

According to the chairman of the consortium’s board of directors, environmental pollution from plastic waste is a very serious public health problem on the African continent and particularly in the Guinean capital. This is where the Clean Beach initiative comes from. “We know that the government is trying to solve the problem, but there is a lack of resources. So we wanted to make a small contribution and especially to warn by this action the whole population that discarding plastic waste is a big problem for us and our children. I would like everyone to realize that waste must not be thrown away, especially plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose and which can be eaten by the fish that are our staple food, “said Fadi. Wazni.

For him, it is an action that deserves to be sustained. “We will try to reproduce it from time to time and if everyone could limit or pick up plastic waste, it can help fight against marine pollution and others. So it’s a message that I send to the whole population. I am sure that other companies will emulate this action that we have just taken, “said the chairman of the board of the Consortium.

An initiative appreciated by Tombo and Sans Fil district leaders before saying: “Sanitation is a good initiative. We are pleased with the move of the SMB-Winning consortium. You know health depends on it. The environment must be clean. We do not have the financial resources to do it, but if, by extension, we have a society in our neighborhood that does it for us, it’s really a great pleasure. On the other hand this gesture of the mining company will allow our young people to be busy because often they are unemployed. This daily allowance will enable these young people to cope with some of their responsibilities for the duration of the project, “said Sylla Almamy, head of the Tombo district.

The leaders of both neighborhoods promise to take advantage of this collaboration with the group to carry out other projects of community interest and especially to ensure the safety of the mining company which is the first to help them.

This clean beach clean-up test phase ended this Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 18:00.

Taken from Guineemining:

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