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A PADEV Prize awarded to our CEO, Fadi WAZNI

Established in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 2006, the African Award for Development (PADEV) awards each year to individuals and legal entities considered the best in their respective sectors of activity to establish a culture of work, merit and excellence as cardinal values ​​of African society. Launched by twelve (12) of the most credible ci...

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CONSORTIUM SMB WINNING: May 1st in Boké – a meeting with sport and culture !

Humanity celebrated International Labor Day on May 1st. An opportunity put to use by the SMB-Winning Consortium, beyond the mining activities, to commemorate the festivities in a convivial atmosphere by organizing sports and cultural activities in the premises of Port 1 located in Katougouma in Boke Prefecture. , and on its various sites....

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