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Oct. 4th 2016 : The SMB-WAP consoritum celebrates the exportation of the first ton of bauxite from their new Boké-Dapilon port extension

For a better handling of the activity increase, hence to increase their exportation flow, the consortium has started to build an extension to the Boké-Katougouma port in Dapilon in April 2016. Indeed, since the beginning of the bauxite loading operations in the Boké-Katougouma river port in July 2015, 8 millions tons of ore have been e...

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Training : graduation ceremony with ONFPP

On saturday october 15th, in our training room at the garage in Coléah, about 40 employees were awarded with and "Excel" or "Management" diploma, and even both for some. Excellency can only be reached through teaching our teams new theoretical and practical techniques and learnings. Though all our employees are internally trained by the...

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The transportation of two outstanding tanks for UTS and the SMB-WAP consortium

[header] Indeed, at the request of UTS and SMB-WAP, UMS has created those two unique tanks. They have just arrived in Katougouma after a short 24h trip by sea without any trouble.[/header] Both tanks of at least 270.000 L each were entirely manufactured in our welding workshops. This way we insured the quality and longevity of the prod...

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