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Inclusivity – UMS partners up with a physically disabled person

The United Mining Supply Company (UMS) of the SMB-Winning Consortium has just signed a partnership contract in the mining industry with a physically disabled person, Ousmane Diané, CEO of Global BTP Logistics.

The signing ceremony of the contract took place in the afternoon of Thursday, June 13, 2019 in the prefecture of Boké. Thus, thanks to the good auspices of the UMS Company, the young Ousmane Diané has, from now on, the heavy responsibility to manage ten (10) dump trucks for the transport of the bauxite whose 15% of income will be paid to the “Association of the Handicapped People in Boké” (APHAB).

In the opinion of the UMS QSE Manager, Mrs. Sylvie Pelletier: “This contract, which we have just signed with a transport company run by a person with a physical disability, consists of promoting socio-professional integration of disabled people, to prove that they do not have to live in begging, but that they must seize opportunities to develop activities and be autonomous for the rest of their lives. ”

Visibly happy, the beneficiary of the Mining Contract is very satisfied with the SMB whose partners continue to lend their hands to improve their living conditions.

Therefore, they reassured that with this convention, 1st of its kind, will refine the relations of the mining companies with the riparian communities.

It is worth noting that the Society for the Disabled now has a fleet of ten (10) mining trucks. This is therefore perceived as a personal pride for vulnerable people especially those living with disabilities.

For Ousmane Diané, “This gesture of UMS will contribute to the promotion and protection of the rights of people with disabilities in the Republic of Guinea. ”

With this gesture, he added, “The SMB-Winning Consortium provides a good illustration of the transversality of its vision and its values, that of embodying an innovative model of partnership in the fields of mining, transportation and and logistics. ”

This means that the UMS is demonstrating its clear desire to support communities in promoting local content in the Republic of Guinea.

For the representatives of the framework of consultation of the actors of the inclusive finance, this signature of contract is the realization of all the efforts which they carried out for two years.

According to the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in charge of programs, Mr. Eloi Konadio: “This is a triumph of satisfaction, since we include people living with physical disabilities but also we participate in activities in the sector. through UMS and the Administration, through the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea. ”

An initiative highly praised and appreciated by the Ministry in charge of people with disabilities. Inviting other mining companies to follow in the footsteps of UMS, the senior technical adviser representing the Minister of Women’s Promotion and Childhood, Mr. Togba Césaire POGHOMOU said he was comforted by the gesture.

Further on, he said: “The gesture that UMS has just made with one of our main targets, is the materialization of one of the important parts of the policy of integration, integration and empowerment of disabled people. “