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CONSORTIUM SMB WINNING: May 1st in Boké – a meeting with sport and culture !

Humanity celebrated International Labor Day on May 1st. An opportunity put to use by the SMB-Winning Consortium, beyond the mining activities, to commemorate the festivities in a convivial atmosphere by organizing sports and cultural activities in the premises of Port 1 located in Katougouma in Boke Prefecture. , and on its various sites.

The event mobilized all employees of the Consortium, departments and departments, managers and employees in a spirit specific to the feast of May 1st, festive and cheerful.

The initiative is part of the strengthening of friendship and fraternity between all employees of the SMB-Winning Consortium, as desired by the highest consortium leaders, led by Mr. Sun.

For our colleague Ibrahima Sory Bangoura, the activities, followed by a big ball, were held in the best conditions because “the football match between the team of operators and that of the flagmen, ended in the the most total joy! ”

Through this sporting and cultural day, a vehicle for bringing peoples closer together, the SMB-Winning-UMS Consortium aspires to share moments with all its workers, to promote unity and good relations. between women and men from all walks of life.

At the end of the football match, the operators smashed their flagmen counterparts on the unassailable score of two goals to zero (2-0).