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CONSORTIUM: WINNING DREAMDOCK, first floating dock in West Africa

On Thursday, March 8, 2018, Société Minière de Boké and its partner WINNING INTERNATIONAL GROUP received the floating dock WINNING DREAMDOCK, 108 meters long, with a lifting capacity of 5000 tons.

Built at the Huarun Dadong Shipyard in Shanghai, the WINNING DREAMDOCK was specifically designed for the construction and maintenance of the consortium’s floating cranes, tugboats, barges and vessels.

It should be noted that the mining company Boké and Winning International Group started mining and logistics in the Republic of Guinea in 2014. To date, they own and use 6 floating cranes, 44 port tugs, 38 barges, one maritime boat-tanker, nine transport boats, a modern transport yacht and a business yacht.

The delivery of WINNING DREAMMOCK will provide additional logistical support to the project, which also has 35 “Capesize” vessels with a total capacity of 6 million tonnes.