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UMS rewarded by Vivo Energy!

On February 10th, the Vivo Energy Driver’s Award Ceremony for 2017 was held, as well as the graduation of the mentor drivers and accredited trainers.

The following have received their mentor driver certificates:

  • Bah Souleymane
  • Camara Moundjour
  1. Moussa Kourouma received accreditation as a certified trainer Vivo Energy.

Four of our drivers were rewarded during this ceremony:

  • Bah Souleymane
  • Camara Moundjour
  • Condé Bangaly
  • Bah Alpha Ibrahima

Mr. Bah Souleymane won the 1st place of Vivo Energy drivers in 2017.

Next came respectively Moundjour Camara in 5th place, Alpha Ibrahima in 15th place and Bangaly in 16th place.

We currently have 11 trucks rolling for Vivo or 36% of our drivers Vivo are in the top 20.

Our fleet represents 5.5% of Vivo’s total fleet (200 trucks) and 20% of the best drivers come from home.

UMS congratulates its drivers for their professionalism, and hopes to continue to improve !!